NFT Purchases, Simplified

2 min readApr 25


NFT sales can be tedious, especially for a buyer who doesn’t already own a wallet. Asking your users to bring a wallet and pay with crypto for your NFT drops is likely to result in many of your would-be customers abandoning their carts.

Consider just some of the hoops a user would need to go through — they need to research crypto wallets and the different custody options, download a wallet and save their seed phrase, connect their wallet or wallet address to your site. After creating a wallet, they’ll need to research where to purchase crypto and complete a lengthy, documentary-based KYC. Even a user who already owns a wallet — but never purchased currency on your chain before — might have trouble purchasing your NFT.

With Tweed’s checkout solution, you can sell NFTs to anyone by offering a traditional ecommerce checkout with credit/debit cards and optional wallet creation during purchase — no KYC required! Tweed’s NFT checkout tool is unique in the market today, combining frictionless user experience with the highest level of security, protection, and flexibility for your collection. Our self-custodial wallets, which can also be offered to the user during their purchase, leverage social logins so your customer never has to remember their seed phrase.

Tweed’s technology includes a set of smart contracts called ‘Claimers’ which can be easily connected into your NFTs, enabling automatic mint and sends triggered by smart contracts — not a single wallet that can risk your collection. Tweed solution is also the only one in market to tokenize your user’s card information to enable a true 1-click purchase experience for returning users.

You can now easily sell to mainstream users or cross-chain users globally, and receive your revenue in fiat or crypto.

Set up our NFT checkout in 7 simple steps:

  1. Generate API keys using the Account page in the developer console
  2. Integrate the Frontend SDK and the Backend SDK with your project or use our Github Examples page
  3. Configure your Payout account and be paid as soon as your customer bought an NFT
  4. Make sure to whitelist the relevant claimer address in your collection contract
  5. Upload your NFT collection contract to one of the Supported Chains
  6. Add your collection to the NFTs page in the developer console
  7. Use the NFT Buy with Fiat widget using the Frontend SDK

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